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Waxhead & Cryote visit Carmel

Carmel had the pleasure of collaborating with these madly talented chaps to paint our back wall. Special thanks to Waxhead and Cryote. They talk about how Carmel’s paint markers and paint crayons are ideal for applying durable vivid paint to a wide range of materials.

The canettes de ruelle art event

Canettes de ruelle is a citizens’ initiative to set up a creative space without boundaries with the aim of celebrating the joy of painting.

In a family-friendly and festive atmosphere, some 50 artists decorated alley walls in the Rosemont area, livening up the neighbourhood. Carmel joined the celebration of sharing and creativity by giving the artists the chance to try some of the company’s specialized marking products​

Carmel’s Art Jam #1

At Carmel, we’re into supporting local art. That’s why every once in a while, we invite a group of talented artists to come by our space and spend the day letting their creative juices flow. We call it the Art Jam, and kicked off the first one with a host of amazing artists from around Montreal.


How are professional artists using paint markers?

We are using the term “professional” here to distinguish between those who are making (or trying to make) a living out of their art, versus those who are doing it for fun, to make gifts for their friends, or to decorate their home. Professional artists often create art based on commissions, and generally aim to sell their work to consumers.

Paint markers and street art: What you need to know ?

When you think about the tools people use for street art, the aerosol paint can is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It’s so quintessential that its unmistakable shaker sound has been sampled in countless hip hop records.

In fact, street artists use a wide variety of tools in their practice – everything from paint rollers to paint-filled fire extinguishers to paint markers.


Kiara reviews carmel paint markers

Kiara uses Carmel’s multi-surface paint markers to draw a beautiful picture on a plastic backpack for a special giveaway contest. She shares what she likes about Carmel paint markers such as how they apply vivid paint that strongly adheres to a variety of surfaces.

CARMEL BLOG PHOTOS Canettes de ruelles 4

Arts and crafts projects with carmel markers

Our arts and crafts expert creates a few projects using a variety of Carmel marking products, including multi-surface paint markers and liquid chalk markers. She starts by wiping away the liquid chalk marker’s removable paint from glass and plastic, and follows with a holiday-themed drawing made using our classic paint markers.