Paint Markers for Industrial Uses: From Galvanizing to Heat Treating

Carmel paint markers and are extremely versatile marking tools that are used in a wide range of applications. Metal fabrication is one such application, and requires a specialized set of marking tools to ensure proper labeling throughout the process.

Carmel offers a line of industrial markers that includes products specifically designed for the metal fabrication industry, namely: the Galvanizer’s Removable Marker, the Bleed-Through Marker, and the High Temperature Marker.

Paint Markers For Metal: Your Complete Guide

There’s a huge variety of paint markers and other marking tools on the market today, so it can be a bit confusing to know which ones are right for your needs. One of the simplest ways to start is by identifying which surface you’re marking on.

While many of Carmel’s paint marking tools can effectively mark on a variety of surfaces, some are specifically designed to excel at one surface in particular.

Liquid Chalk Markers: A Complete Guide

If you’re looking to make bold, vivid lines of colour on a variety of smooth surfaces, but also need your markings to be easily removable, Carmel’s line of liquid chalk markers are the way to go.

Designed to be removed with a damp cloth from smooth, non-porous surfaces, liquid chalk markers are ideal for situations where markings need to be consistently removed and reapplied.

That makes them perfect for things like restaurant menu boards – which is why they are sometimes referred to as bistro chalk markers.

Learn More About Our Acrylic Paint Markers

Carmel’s Acrylic Paint Markers apply vivid paint in a variety of colours to multiple types of surfaces. Unlike our standard markers like the Paint Marker Classic, Carmel Acrylic Paint Markers contain paint which is formulated differently. 

The main difference is that our Acrylic Paint Markers are free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and therefore ideal for indoor use.

Grease Pencils: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re currently involved in arts and crafts or liked to draw as a kid, you’ve probably come across a grease pencil at some point in your life. Known by many names such as china marker, wax pencil and chinagraph, a grease pencil is a unique tool that on first glance seems like a cross between a pencil and a wax crayon.

Arts and Crafts: A Beginner's guide

There are tons of creative ideas for using paint markers or paint pens in your arts and crafts – but before you dive in, it’s good to be prepared with the basics. Knowing some key paint marker art techniques will help you avoid some common mistakes and take your projects to the next level.

How Are Professional Artists Using Paint Markers?

What’s a Professional Artist?

We are using the term “professional” here to distinguish between those who are making (or trying to make) a living out of their art, versus those who are doing it for fun, to make gifts for their friends, or to decorate their home. Professional artists often create art based on commissions, and generally aim to sell their work to consumers.

How to Use Paint Crayons or Marking Sticks in Arts and Crafts

The do-it-yourself spirit of arts and crafts is alive and well and bigger than ever. A quick look at sites like Pinterest and YouTube will yield thousands of tips, tricks and techniques for creating all kinds of custom art pieces using a variety of easily available materials. There’s one tool in particular that is ubiquitous in the arts and crafts world, sometimes called a paint crayon or solid paint marker. This is essentially a paint marking stick made of semi-solid paint.


Paint Markers and Street Art: What You Need to Know

When you think about the tools people use for street art, the aerosol paint can is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It’s so quintessential that its unmistakable shaker sound has been sampled in countless hip hop records.

In fact, street artists use a wide variety of tools in their practice – everything from paint rollers to paint-filled fire extinguishers to paint markers. To understand the role paint markers play in this toolkit, you need to know a bit about the types of street art out there.

How Street Art Made It Into The Gallery

For those of us who live in cities, street art is all around us. From quickly-painted tags on a vacant brick wall to a colourful mural adorning a main thoroughfare, you’d probably have a hard time snapping a picture of your town without capturing some form of street art. Street art isn’t only ubiquitous in public spaces, however. What most people would recognize as “urban” or “street” art styles have found their way into fine art galleries and festivals around the world in a big way.

The Hottest Paint Marker Arts and Crafts Ideas

If you’re a crafty person, you’re always on the lookout for new ideas to create amazing things like personalized gifts, home décor pieces, or custom apparel. When shopping for materials, you’ve probably come across paint markers (also called paint pens) in your search. These things are the perfect tool to take your arts and crafts creations to the next level.

5 Street Artists You Need to Know About

If you live in a decent-sized city, chances are you’ve come across some form of street art in your neighborhood. We’re not talking about graffiti here – street art is a legitimate practice that includes everything from large scale murals to small canvas pieces. It’s not just made with spray paint either. Street art involves a variety of tools, including all types of paint markers.

Street Art Styles: 4 Of The Hottest 2019 Trends

Street art style is all around us. From its origins in the streets of New York city to its entry into posh art galleries around the world, street art has had a major influence on contemporary art, fashion and design. In 2019, the story continues – this year sees street art’s influence going stronger than ever. Throughout its decades-long evolution, street art has featured a few key trends that stood out from the rest.

What are Scannable Lumber Markers and How are They Used?

Scannable lumber markers are specialized marking tools used in the lumber grading process. They come in two forms, either as scannable lumber crayons or sticks of scannable lumber chalk. Before we get into how they are used, let’s take a moment to learn more about lumber and how it’s graded.

When most people think of wood and lumber, they probably don’t give much thought as to where it came from. It’s enough to think that if something seems to be made of wood, that wood was probably bought at a hardware store, and ultimately came from a tree.

Carmel Tailors Chalk

The Wide World of Tailor’s Chalk

Remember the last time you bought a suit? Even if you found the perfect off-the-rack piece, it most likely needed some alterations. It’s a common process – you put on the suit and the tailor marks off where the pants need to be hemmed or the sleeves shortened. While you were thinking about the price, material, quality and durability of your purchase, you probably weren’t paying much attention to the chalk the tailor was using to mark the fabric. That was a piece of tailor’s chalk, and there’s a whole science behind this small but invaluable tool.

The Many Uses For Metal Markers

Need a practical alternative to common markers, aka magic markers, crayons and chalk to mark metal?  Need to complete your measuring tools with a multi-surface marker or do you require a parts number on a machined metal part? The extensive line of Ball-Tip Metal Markers from Carmel will provide the metal marking solutions for every project in any trade. 

Learn More About Our Paint Crayons

The Carmel paint crayon is designed to fit any marking needs for nearly any surface and works over a very large temperature range. If you are looking for a new marking tool or are just interested in learning more about this very versatile crayon, please read our frequently asked questions section below.

Standard Paint Marker

Learn More About Our Paint Markers

Our multi-surface paint markers are specifically designed to withstand the elements and work on most smooth surfaces. They offer several advantages over other permanent markers including durability, extreme temperature use, and the ability to write on a much wider range of surfaces.

Acrylic or oil? How to choose your paint marker

Choosing the perfect paint marker for you next project can be difficult if you don’t have the right information. That’s why Carmel made this little summary of the advantages of both acrylic and oil paint marker.

Learn More About Our Lumber Crayon

The Carmel lumber crayon is designed for lumber, timber, and concrete. Please read our frequently asked questions section below to learn more about the many advantages to using our lumber crayons.

lumber crayon

Learn More About Our Solid Paint Markers

The Carmel Solid Paint Marker is specially designed to fill your construction, manufacturing, and artistic marking needs on a wide variety of surfaces. It incorporates the resilience of quick-drying paint with the ease-of-use of a marker.

Learn More About Our Galvanizer Paint Crayons & Markers

As metal fabricators know, galvanizing is the process of  is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing, in which parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc.This process is fairly simple compared to other methods of corrosion protection.

Learn More About Our Seep-Through Paint Crayons

The Carmel Seep-Through Paint Crayon (sometimes known as a “Bleed Through Solid Paint Marking Stick”) provides all the benefits of a Paint Marker, but in solid form.  It is a solid stick of paint designed especially for fabricating structural steel or layout work, where marks are required to bleed through solvent- or oil-based primers and topcoats.

Learn More About Our Seep-Through Paint Markers

This industrial-grade highly specialized line of Seep-Through Paint Marker (sometimes known as a “Bleed Through Paint Pen”) by Carmel is designed primarily for metal surfaces. This revolutionary paint marker (also available in crayon form) is used to make durable marks that seep through to the surface, even when covered by oil- or water-based paints.

Learn More About Our Heat Treating Paint Crayons & Markers

The Carmel heat treatment paint crayons and markers are designed to fit your marking needs for surfaces which will undergo heat treatment. If you are looking for a new resource for your industry or project, or just curious, please read our frequently asked questions section

Learn More About Our Permanent Water Based Paint Markers

Our special formulation of water based, opaque acrylic paint is guaranteed non-toxic and contains no acids. It’s also odour-free, light-fast, Xylene-free, lead-free and waterproof when dry. Will mark permanently on a wide variety of your project’s clean surfaces and materials.  In addition to this, our 7 bold and highly-visible colours are weather- and UV-resistant for excellent preservation of the indicatons you’ve made.

High Purity Paint Markers: Prevent Corrosion

Highly sensitive equipment in today’s industrial environment often uses stainless steel and other assorted blended metals in their manufacturing process.  The factories that produce these  sensitive equipments and tools are often subject to very high or low temperatures, high pressures, and make use of hazardous substances.

With this combination of elements around metal equipment, corrosion can eat away at the surface, eventually compromising its integrity.  

Liquid Chalk Marker: Surfaces and Tips for Best Use

Ideal for vivid markings that wipe away with a damp cloth from: glass, windshields, vinyl chalkboards, non-porous menu boards, whiteboards, metal boards, corrugated plastic and other non-porous surfaces. Also used for permanent markings on poster board. Water based paint marker/liquid chalk: No VOC’s, solvent free, non-flammable, odourless.

lumber crayon

Discover the Best Uses for Carmel's Lumber Crayons

The Carmel Lumber Crayon  specially engineered for a wide variety of uses in the construction, lumber/timber, and stone/masonry industries.  Be it at the sawmill, or building with more precision cuts, our high-performance crayons are designed for easy readability and reduced misread marks.  Tried and true, they are a must-have for any construction or other woodworking professional.

Livestock Paint Crayon Applications

When you think of paint marker applications, the first images that come to mind are probably either artistic or industrial. Whether it’s a street artist outlining a mural or a machinist marking where cuts are to be made on a sheet of metal, paint markers have a huge range of potential uses.

But there is an important paint marker application that’s often overlooked: livestock marking. From small family-owned farms to large agribusiness operations, specialized paint markers are answering the needs of livestock producers every day.

livestock paint crayon