Carmel’s Art Jam

Carmel’s Art Jam #1

At Carmel, we’re into supporting local art. That’s why every once in a while, we invite a group of talented artists to come by our space and spend the day letting their creative juices flow. We call it the Art Jam, and kicked off the first one with a host of amazing artists from around Montreal.

What’s happens at the Art Jam?

We gather a group of artists, give them some marking tools, and let them do their thing. Before the artists started to jam, we noshed on a breakfast spread of St-Viateur bagels and cream cheese. We also ended with some beers and treats from Boulangerie & Pâtisserie Salerno.

At the first Art Jam, we invited some super talented street artists to create murals on the roof of Carmel’s factory building – and the results were stunning.

The event was photographed by local filmmaker and photographer Jason Sanchez, who came with his kids. Rob’s kids were also there, and all the kids helped out with Natasha’s (NB) piece as seen below.

The Art

Each artist (or group) was given one section of wall on the Carmel roof to work with. Here’s a rundown of each mural piece and the artist who painted it.

The Rocket - By Hoar

Shawn came up with this amazing retro-sci-fi piece making heavy use of the pointillism technique.


Smoking Fish - By Hozek

We won’t soon forget the image of this crazy fish dude. Look, he’s taking another puff!


Abstract Shapes - By EK7

We informally call this one the Space Fruit Bowl. We’re not sure who came up with that name, but somehow it works. Maybe not.


Arms - By Grills

This is an awesome brain-twisting piece, reminiscent of MC Escher style drawing. We think.


Helping - By NB

The theme we draw from this amazing piece (and the title we made up for it) fits nicely with the fact that Natasha was helped by a few burgeoning young artists.


Sputnik - By Kor

Another great retro-sci-fi piece livens up the walls of Carmel’s rooftop space. Works well with the rocket.


The Plant - By Brian Beyung

This stunning mural is a simple yet engaging study of a naturalistic form. It looks really cool too.

Stay tuned for the pics and write-up for Art Jam #2!