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Artist Spotlight - Gene Pendon

In this Artist Spotlight episode we have a talk with Gene Pendon about his art piece that he did for the Junior Restaurant in Montreal. Thank you to Jojo Flores for allowing us to film this video with Gene in the restaurant!

Kiara Reviews Carmel Paint Markers

Kiara uses Carmel’s multi-surface paint markers to draw a beautiful picture on a plastic backpack for a special giveaway contest. She shares what she likes about Carmel paint markers such as how they apply vivid paint that strongly adheres to a variety of surfaces.


Our arts and crafts expert creates a few projects using a variety of Carmel marking products, including multi-surface paint markers and liquid chalk markers. She starts by wiping away the liquid chalk marker’s removable paint from glass and plastic, and follows with a holiday-themed drawing made using our classic paint markers.


Our arts and crafts expert demonstrates Carmel paint crayons by applying a variety of colours to paper, glass, plastic and metal jar lids. The Carmel paint crayon is designed to mark nearly any surface and works over a very large temperature range. It is ideal for marking rough, textured or dirty surfaces.


Our arts and crafts expert shows the ins and outs of Carmel multi-surface paint markers. She demonstrates how to deploy paint on the nib to draw on paper and walks us through some of the paint markers’ key features. Our multi-surface paint markers come in a variety of colours and are specially designed to resist weathering. They are ideal for marking on most smooth surfaces.


Our arts and crafts expert uses Carmel wide-tip liquid chalk markers to mark on paper. She layers a few colours on the sheet, demonstrating the opaqueness of the paint. These markers are ideal for vivid markings that wipe away with a damp cloth from: glass, windshields, vinyl chalkboards, non-porous menu boards, whiteboards, metal boards, corrugated plastic and other non-porous surfaces.

History of the Paint Tube Marker

Discover the evolution of the tube markers, from the toothpaste-style marker to the new squeeze-it markers.

Carmel's Multi-Surface Paint Marker

Carmel shows you how to use our Paint Marker on multiple surfaces from steel to plastic.

Carmel's Paint Crayon

See Carmel’s Paint Crayon used on different surfaces, from metal to wood.

Carmel's Lumber Crayon

Manufacturer of professional clay based lumber crayons made through a complex extrusion process for maximum strength and adhesion.


Introducing Carmel’s Wow Marker, a dry-erase marker to be used on nonporous surfaces such as glass, vitrines and windshield.

Best Broadline Glass, Windshield & Poster Marker from Carmel

Pigmented after based rain resistant paint. Removable from most non-porous surfaces with glass cleaner or a damp cloth. Ideal for posters, windshields, signs, plastic, particle board/MDF, etc.


Our standard felt tip markers are available in a variety of colors and can be used to mark multiple types of surfaces. Compared to traditional markers, which store ink using a sponge in the barrel, our markers are valve activated and require you to press the nib to open the valve and release the paint in the barrel.

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