Leads for mechanical grease pencil

$5.75$20.25 USD ea.


Soft greasy leads for Carmel’s mechanical grease pencil. Same as leads contained within the paper wrapped grease pencils (China markers). Removes the inconvenience of using the China marker (peeling back paper with a pull string to access china marker lead). These leads glide smoothly onto most surfaces.

Lead Refills

Refills1 box(es)3-11 boxes12+ boxes
25 Leads$5.75 ea.$5.25 ea.$4.95 ea.
100 Leads$20.25 ea.$19.50 ea.$18.50 ea.

Different colors are available

  • Silver lead: 4 11/16 inch (119.06 mm) Long X .092 inch (3 mm) Dia.
  • Red, black, orange, white & yellow lead: 4 inch long (101.6 mm) X .099 inch (3 mm) Dia.