Mechanical Grease Pencil

$6.38$12.43 USD ea.

1-10 units11-24 units25+ units
Pencil HD23090$8.50 $6.38 ea.$7.50 $5.63 ea.$7.00 $5.25 ea.
Pencil + Leads HD23599$15.90 $12.43 /pack$13.50 $10.38 /pack$11.90 $9.18 /pack
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Great as a construction marker; arts & crafts; marking china, glasses, and ceramics. Certified non-toxic.
  • IDEAL FOR SMOOTH SURFACES – Including plastic, metal, ceramics, polished stone, glass, film, glass, wood, garments, paper, cellophane, vinyl, and more!
  • EASY-TO-USE – Convenient, refillable pencil uses china marker / grease pencil leads.
  • ERASABLE – Markings easily wipe away clean from smooth surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • MOISTURE AND FADE RESISTANT – Specialized wax-pencil formulation creates bold markings that resist weathering.

Product Description

A grease pencil / china marker lead encased in a plastic tube for easy application. With this clutch pencil, there’s no need to peel back paper to reveal the lead.

You can also buy the leads here.

Different colors are available.

  • Silver lead: 4 11/16 inch (119.06 mm) Long X .092 inch (3 mm) Dia.
  • Red, black, orange, white & yellow lead: 4 inch long (101.6 mm) X .099 inch (3 mm) Dia.